What does it take to host a Heart to Heart™ Café?

A Heart to Heart™ Café host is the person providing the café site and refreshments. However, it entails more than that.

The host must possess an enthusiasm for talking about death and dying and high ethical standards. It also helps to have good organizational skills, the ability to build relationships, good networking skills and patience!

Hosting a Heart to Heart™ Café begins with a thorough reading of the Heat to Heart Café Guide. After that, duties include:

Working with CACCC Café Facilitators
Deciding who will do what
• Arranging the venue and refreshments for the Heart to Heart™ Café
• Inviting and coordinating with those who will participate in the Heart to Heart™ Café
• Letting people know about the Heart to Heart™ Café
• Holding and enjoying your Heart to Heart™ Café
• Ending with a
Participant Evaluation Form
Finishing with helping the facilitator complete a written Facilitator Summary Report.

Heart to Heart™ Cafés tend to be very safe and positive events. However, the host needs to take reasonable steps to ensure that the Heart to Heart™ Café happens in a safe and secure environment by:

Checking that all facilitators meet the criteria enumerated in section 4 of the Heart to Heart Café Guide
• Having a minimum of two CACCC Heart to Heart™ Café facilitators at the event, especially if the Heart to Heart™ Café is in a domestic setting
• Making sure there are no more than 10 participants
• Ensuring you know where and how to refer people who need more support (CACCC will help you with this)
• Reserving the right to refuse participants.
• Participants are required to sign a
Liability Release Form.
Making sure people know that the Heart to Heart™ Café is not a bereavement / grief support resource

If you would like to host a Heart to Heart Café, contact

The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care, the only coalition in the nation devoted to end-of-life concerns in the Chinese community, is an active working coalition of 48 Partner Agencies and over 1,300 individual members.

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