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義工,機構代表,及美華慈心關懷聯盟工作人員在該聯盟南加州的第一屆華人安寧及緩和療護志工培訓畢業典禮上 南加州第一屆《安寧緩和療護華語志工培訓》認證班畢業合照 (各聯盟機構與講師團以及全體受訓志工和美華慈心關懷聯盟工作人員合照) 畢業生穿著美華慈心關懷聯盟志工T


Improving Palliative Care for Chinese Patients

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Under a grant from Dignity Health, the CACCC is helping Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco improve palliative care for its Chinese patients. Under the grant:
  1. CACCC develop pre and post surveys for health providers at the hospital on their familiarity with Chinese patient issues
  2. CACCC will provide Health Care training to nurses and ancillary staff
  3. CACCC will provide consultation to the Palliative Care Coordinator and palliative care team members
  4. CACCC will assess the availability of internal and external resources for serving Chinese patients and families
  5. CACCC will coordinate with the Palliative Care Team to develop community outreach strategies

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) Proposal

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After completion of the 2012 and 2013 PAMF Endowment Fund projects, the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) has been awarded its third PAMF grant to provide education outreach about Advance Heath Care Directive (AHCD), Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and End of Life Care to Chinese Americans residing in Alameda, Oakland and San Mateo counties for the year of 2014. The CACCC will conduct community outreach, particularly to Chinese seniors, on the advantages of completing an AHCD and the POLST form. CACCC seminars will explain what these forms do and how to complete them. CACCC volunteers will help participants actually complete their AHCD at the seminars using the Chinese translation of the forms as a tool for understanding the implications of each section of the AHCD and the POLST form. New this year, CACCC outreach will include Heart to Heart Cafés, where participants will gain a better understanding of end of life issues, such as the benefits of hospice and palliative care.

Memory Book Project

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The CACCC Memory Book Committee continues to work on a four-color book for those facing end of life. The Memory Book will contain chapters for "telling your story", for "messages to your loved ones", a place for saying what dying means to you, a place for photographs, a place for instructions on what to do after you die ... and much more.
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The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care, the only coalition in the nation devoted to end-of-life concerns in the Chinese community, is an active working coalition of 48 Partner Agencies and over 1,300 individual members.

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