CACCC‭ ‬宗旨

CACCC Vision

A community in which Chinese Americans are able to face the end of life with dignity, respect and meaning.

CACCC‭ ‬使命

鼓勵華人開放地探討及面對生命末期的議題;‭ ‬視生命末期為社區生活的一部份;強調在有尊嚴、被尊重下過世的重要性;





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CACCC End of Life Book Now Available:
Learning to Let Go:
Saying Goodbye Peacefully

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CACCC Mission

Encourage open dialogue about end-of-life issues so that they are viewed as a natural part of community life, giving attention to the importance of insuring that people die with dignity and respect;

Enhance consumer understanding of and participation in end-of-life decision making;

Engage the Chinese-American community in end-of-life issues through culturally sensitive initiatives;

Advance interdisciplinary palliative care and pain management initiatives by providing education and training for members of the Chinese-American community and the professionals who serve it;

Encourage provider partnerships in which expertise and resources are shared, so that individuals and families receive exceptional end-of-life care and services that address physical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs.

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