Facing the End of Life with Dignity and Respect
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Heart to Heart™ is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending. However, it is also used with perfectly healthy people who want family members to know what they would like when their lives are threatened by injury or disease.

CACCC's Heart to Heart Cards Used to Conduct
Heart to Heart Cafés

What is a “Heart to Heart™ Café”?

At a Heart to Heart™ Café, people - often strangers - gather to eat pastries, drink tea and discuss death.

Why would anyone want to do that?

Our objective is to increase awareness of all the things one must consider when death is approaching, with a view to helping people make the most of the time they have left. Basically, a Heart to Heart™ Café is a group-directed discussion of death. It is free and held in an accessible and confidential space. Heart to Heart™ Café topics are determined by attendees, using CACCC’s Heart to Heart™ cards.

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CACCC's 3rd Heart to Heart Café Facilitator Training will be held at the City of Hope in Southern California on July 29.
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Nine CACCC volunteers received Heart to Heart Café Facilitator Training on July 6 in Sacramento: Janice Tsai, Frances Choo, Angela Hamilton, Tina Bryan, Christine Han, Peggy Lee, Ying Lee, Paul Chow, and Lucy Chao.

A week later, another eleven volunteers received the training in San Jose: Jean Yih CM, Diane Chi CM, Kofen Lai CM, Kai Lam CM, Sherry Shih, Bernie Kwan, Ai-Chung Wu, Cindy Chen, Maggie Chang,  Teresa Cheng, and Carrie Huang.
To participate in a Heart to Heart Café, or to signup for CACCC's next Heart to Heart Café Facilitator Training, contact us at
FIRST CAFE´S HELD Prior to the Facilitator Trainings, CACCC held two test Cafés in Los Altos, one on April 25 and one on May 23. Once the trainings were completed, CACCC's first formal Heart to Heart Cafés were held on July 16 in Sunnyvale and on July 20 in Los Angeles.

CACCC End of Life Book Now Available

Learning to Let Go:
Saying Goodbye Peacefully

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and donors for making our book release event such a success. Special thank you's to
Fleur de Lis Flower shop for donating the beautiful flowers, and Alameda Family Funeral & Cremation, Inc. for donating the refreshments from L'epi D'or Bakery.

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A good turnout for the book event

Improving Palliative Care for Chinese Patients

Under a grant from Dignity Health, the CACCC is helping Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco improve palliative care for its Chinese patients. Under the grant:

  • CACCC provides consultation for pre and post palliative care patient needs assessments prepared by St. Francis and develops pre and post surveys for health providers at the hospital on their familiarity with Chinese patient issues.
  • CACCC provides Health Care training to nurses and ancillary staff based upon knowledge gaps identified through the above survey and on-site observations.
  • CACCC provides consultation to the Palliative Care Coordinator and palliative care team members through participation in family meetings and working with the Palliative Care Coordinator to assess and advise the care team on culturally appropriate strategies and interventions.
  • CACCC assesses the availability of internal and external resources for serving Chinese patients and families by interviewing the Palliative Care Coordinator, Interpreters, Case Managers and Social Workers and makes recommendations for filling the gaps.
  • CACCC coordinates with the Palliative Care Team (Volunteer, Spiritual Care, Interpreters, Social Workers, Case Managers, Marketing and Communications) to develop community outreach strategies for recruiting Chinese community members to workshops on End of Life Care and the Advance Health Care Directive. CACCC provides lay leaders to conduct the workshops in Cantonese.

CACCC‭ ‬宗旨

CACCC Vision

A community in which Chinese Americans are able to face the end of life with dignity, respect and meaning.

CACCC‭ ‬使命

鼓勵華人開放地探討及面對生命末期的議題;‭ ‬視生命末期為社區生活的一部份;強調在有尊嚴、被尊重下過世的重要性;





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CACCC Mission

Encourage open dialogue about end-of-life issues so that they are viewed as a natural part of community life, giving attention to the importance of insuring that people die with dignity and respect;

Enhance consumer understanding of and participation in end-of-life decision making;

Engage the Chinese-American community in end-of-life issues through culturally sensitive initiatives;

Advance interdisciplinary palliative care and pain management initiatives by providing education and training for members of the Chinese-American community and the professionals who serve it;

Encourage provider partnerships in which expertise and resources are shared, so that individuals and families receive exceptional end-of-life care and services that address physical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs.

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